Duke Official Own The Stage!

Published in News on May 23, 2016 by Tim Marner™


When we first saw Duke on stage last year we were blown away. Three remarkably different personalities that compliment each other so well coming together as the most insane beat boxing trio. Performing like nothing we have ever seen before, the slickest most well executed gig we have ever been to creating an energy so big it would make Einstein turn in his grave. So why should their branding deliver any less? Aristocrats of bass, the nobility of beatbox. A different class of beat boxing alltogether.


Were you expecting a silhouette of three cheeky chaps? Or perhaps an image of a microphone or a guitar with musical notes coming out of it? Negatory good buddies. This is Duke's emblem, their house shield, coat of arms, their aristocratic identity passed down through the ages. The swords represent the hard fought battle to get to where the band are today; the ribbons illustrate flamboyancy and eccentricity; and the crown represents how Duke are the rulers of their trade. Not only that, we think it looks pretty shit hot too. Suits you Sir.


So we dropped it like it was mad hot. The boys were chuffed to bits with their new branding and identity and so were we! What we love about Duke is that their style of music crosses all genres as they share their wealth of knowledge, passion and skill, appealing to anyone who likes a good time; an extravagant party; and some outlandish beat boxing. Eating boundaries and washing them down with a cup of steaming hot rules. Just another day in the Tim Marner creative office.

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