Goodwin Smith Branding

Published in News on May 18, 2016 by Tim Marner™


Confident and self assured, and able to walk into any room, in any situation and guarantee to turn heads. Looking good and knowing it. Women love the magnetic appeal and raw animal magnetism, as well as the funny and charming personality. Does this sound like your brand? Well it certainly sounds like  what we achieved for our friends Goodwin Smith.


A brand that has managed to capture the hearts of over 19,000 people on Instagram, won the approval of over 28,000 followers on twitter and one in which we have had the pleasure of launching 4 successful campaigns with. The only thing better than watching this British men’s footwear brand grow into the diamond that it is today would be that we were there to witness the whole thing. From Robbie Savage to Calum Best, from Swansea Football Club to Connor Mcgregor. All the cool guys are wearing them and all the sexy girls want to be dating the cool guys that wear them. Just call it the Tim Marner effect.


I guess the question is have you got the courage to take the plunge and invest in the one thing that individualizes your company? A brand is so much more than just a logo and a colour palette. Its your DNA, your stamp, your baby. Goodwin Smith are living proof that if you nail the branding part of your business, you invest in some kick ass Tim Marner photography and work hard but play harder you too can be successful. So successful you get to hang out with the likes of Calum Best on a school night.

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