The Wow Factor

Published in News on Mar 08, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Have You Got The WOW Factor?

We’ve all been there. You’re in a meeting with the client, running through the brief. Everything’s going well, the deliverables are set, then the client turns around and announces “What we’re really looking for is the wow factor”. The designers in the room usually meekly nod their heads, whilst the designer inside their heads repeatedly bashes into the inside of their sensitive little skulls. 

It’s hard to define what the wow factor actually is. Generally because the client doesn’t even know what it is themselves. Besides that should design really be made to “WOW” the client, if anyone is to be “wowed” surely it’s the end consumer? Let’s put all that aside for a second though and think about the purpose of design. 

The Purpose of Design?

Is design created just to “WOW” the end user and give them butterflies? 

Surely there is more to design than that. Emotional impact on the viewer is just one aspect of the final product, and even that is at times negligible.

For us good design should be far from invisible, but not every piece you do should make the customer take a sharp intake of breath. Design is commissioned to service a problem, it involves a creative and systematic plan. It doesn’t need to shout to be heard every time, or cause someone to weep when they see it. It just needs to do a job effectively and efficiently. Design for no purpose other than wow factor isn’t design anymore it's fine art.

Perhaps clients should ask us to create design which doesn’t “WOW” but instead solves their customers problems. 

That being said here's some design work we've done which has wowed but mainly solved our clients customers problems. 

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Tim Marner Creative Agency | Tribar

Tim Marner Creative Agency | Klnik

Tim Marner Creative Agency | gymetc

Tim Marner Creative Agency | Contract Cars

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