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Published in News on Mar 22, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Old & New | U.S Open Brand Review | Tim Marner

The Backdrop

Recently the U.S Open has had a facelift, it’s a massive improvement on the old logo but we still don’t think it’s Ace. However, we thought it was a great example of a rebrand which started out with the best intentions at heart but perhaps hadn’t been fully explored, we’ve thinking a lack of love.

So let’s go back in time, established back in 1968 the U.S Open is one of the 4 major tournaments that make up a tennis grand slam. As one of the most prestigious tennis championships in the world, we were expecting something refined and elegant. But what we’re faced with is something which doesn’t speak the brands values clearly, opting to make a racket instead. (Sorry, Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv). 

New Logo | U.S Open Brand Review | Tim Marner

Logo Composition | U.S Open Brand Review | Tim Marner

Logo Composition Hat | U.S Open Brand Review | Tim Marner

Logo Composition Stadium | U.S Open Brand Review | Tim Marner

Our 3 issues are with the ident, the colour way and the word-mark. So basically everything that makes the logo. So with that being said, let’s break it down and serve up some opinions.

The Ident

So starting with the ident, working on his own it’s a bit unrecognisable as to what it is. It feels like a solid starting point that hasn’t been developed and worked on. Even in monochrome its pretty unrecognisable unless you know what it is. We think the tracks in the ball could be clearer and better shaped like a tennis and it might fix the problem.


Next problem is the colour way, currently we feel like we’re looking at a VISA advert. The use of yellow here is really confusing and doesn’t make sense. Using a colour similar to the tennis balls used at the open would have given the ident some much needed clarity by taking advantage of a clear and recognisable colour palette. 


Finally, the word-mark. We’re really digging the italic font we think it’s slick and we’re really getting the speed of the game from it. One think we don’t like is “us open”, it makes it sound like a shop called “us”, or a monkey learning to talk. It should be U.S Open, as in the name of the country just to stop that confusing. 

Backhanded Compliment

So that’s it, us closed on this one. A definite improvement on what they had, but still outside the lines of where they need to be at. You can check out some of our brands in our portfolio to see what we’ve been up to here.

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