5 Ways To Get To The Top of Google

Published in Promotions on Feb 13, 2018 by Tim Marner™

5 Ways To Get To The Top of Google

When business start out, they set off with the best intentions at heart. They invest in design, they get a nice logo, a cool brand and a shiny new website. All sounds good and familiar so far right? Yep. Yet time and time again we still see websites being built and then left to die after they don’t generate traffic by getting the hits the owner wanted. Why is this? It’s because the majority of people expect that when their new website goes live the traffic will follow, but this just isn't true. 

Google cleverly uses algorithms to rank your website dependent on certain factors. These factors include but remember aren’t just limited to; keywords which you want to be searched for, keyword density, links from other sites, website speed and a whole host of other things, and that’s where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it’s the process of pushing your website up the Google rankings so when people search for keywords associated with your business you appear at the top of it. 

Imagine your website as a brand new shiny car, not doing SEO is like buying that car and then deciding not to put petrol in it. It’s this reason why peoples websites die a slow painful death, it's because they get their new website and don't optimise it right for Google to pick up on it, and as a consequence they get little to no traffic. So without further ado we’re gonna give you a run down of 5 SEO tips which we think you as a SME owner can utilise.

1. Research

First thing you want to be doing is your research. The things you want to be researching first are what do you want to be appearing online for? An example might be you’re selling Luxury Scented Candles but at the moment your site is optimised for “Luxury Fragrances”. This might not be what people are searching for and it might also be confusing for search engines which might be ranking you behind perfume companies. Another thought might be looking at specific pages and optimising for each page, if you also sell cushions as well as scented candles perhaps you might optimise your homepage for Homeware as an overarching theme. With specific pages getting more specific keywords, like “scented candles”.

2. Optimisation

The next thing you need to do is go through your website and optimise all your meta titles, headings, content and images so that it contains as many of your researched keywords as possible. This means that when Google crawls your page it’ll pick up on the fact that your keywords and words relating to your keywords are all over the page. Be careful though, your content must read correctly. If you stick in your keywords unnecessarily Google will penalise you for keyword stuffing.

3. Great, Real Content

Create great, real content. This is a step which people seem to miss out on. You need to create content which people will want to read or look at. This will give people a reason to come see your site, you can do this using blog posts, podcasts, news articles, blogs, whatever. The main thing is that it gives your audience a reason to visit your site and gives a reason for people to share the content on there.

4. Link Building

Perhaps the most important of all is building links. Remember that great content you created, now it’s time to push it out there. You need to be sending it to magazines, high level blogs, newspapers and anyone else that has a high-authority site. Organic links of high-authority sites are the ones you want. Google respects these far more than ones from directories or low level blogs. If someone offers to build you 5000 backlinks for a fiver say no, it’s only going to do your site more harm than good. If Google catches you building backlinks in this way then your site will most likely get buried under everyone else’s.

5. Practical Advice

Our final tip is more practical than technical. It’s simple and let's just keep it like that. SEO is not something which happens quickly or overnight. It takes time and it’s extremely labour intensive, optimising your site alone can take an experienced SEO specialist a couple of weeks. If you’ve not got the time to dedicate to it, week in week out, researching, creating blogs, building quality backlinks and so forth, chances are you’re better off paying an expert in this field to do it right for you, first time. And yes... we know a guy... 

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