And The Winner Is...

Published in Promotions on Feb 01, 2018 by Tim Marner™

Laura Halsall and her Dog Caring Business.

After reading all the nominations and the amazing comments that people have sent to us there were a few ideas and stories which stood out and it was so hard for us to select a winner. However, only one person could win and in the end, we picked out Laura who was nominated by her proud and amazing fella Craig. After we read about her battle with depression and all her other knocks and kicks when she's been down, we felt she was someone that stood out as deserving of a second chance to prove themselves and get back on their feet. So well done Laura and welcome to the #MarnerMassive, ring our Chloe on 01204-393-048 and we can can get you booked in for a meeting to get you started on your journey to world dog caring domination.

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