Free Friday's

Published in Promotions on Nov 16, 2018 by Tim Marner™

What's Free?

If you’ve been following our social media for a while you’ve probably heard of Free Friday’s that we started a couple of years ago now. But if you have no idea what we're talking about then your in for a treat! Free Fridays are exactly what it says on the tin. It's a free initiative we set up 2 years ago to help those who maybe can't afford the services of a creative agency. Every week we set aside 3-4 hours of our time to help you with any business related queries. You can come and talk about any problems you feel your business may have or where you feel like you might be going wrong. We’ll offer help, advice, tips or things to try that we think will help you get over these little speed bumps you may be hitting.

So What Exactly Happens at a Free Friday Session?

You'll be invited down to Tim Marner HQ to meet with the team where you can talk freely about all the problems you've been faced with. Maybe you need help attracting an audience, maybe your product is fantastic but nobody's buying it or perhaps you just want to get down to the core of what's really holding you back. You will spend around an hour or so talking to the Tim Marner team about the issues you feel you're having with your business. The team will listen and then offer you potential solutions they feel will work for you and your business. 

What's the Catch?

There's no catch! We started Free Fridays because we truly care about people and want to use our knowledge and experience to give back every once in a while. If we can give our time every Friday to someone who truly needs it then our job here is done. Call us old fashioned, but we feel like people should still look out for each other in this world!

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