England's 2018 World Cup Kit Reveal

Published in Review on Feb 09, 2018 by Tim Marner™

On the 7th of February, the announcement came out that all English footballs fans wanted, the release of the 2018 World cup kit!

The three lions head into the tournament group stages facing the likes of Belgium, Tunisia and panama hoping to end the 52 years run of hurt. The new kit designed by Nike is keeping close to the contemporary design of previous years but with a couple of cheeky noticeable tweak’s.  

The kit has still got the traditional blue piping around the badge which is still adorned with a star commemorating England’s famed world cup win of ’66. 

We can see on the back of the collar there’s a nice stitched red strip going into the St Georges cross in the middle. However in the middle of color on the inside, we’ve got a nice white stitched rose motif, commemorating the English Rose , which is also adorned on the caps each player receives when playing for their country.

The kit numbers have also been backed by anti-cling nodes due to some players getting a cob on about the tops sticking to their backs in extreme heat (Imagine the horror)!

As well as the kit numbers having new backing, the badge has also been made 64% lighter than previous years and one can only presume this has been done for the extra speed the players will gain surely? Pete Hoppins, Nike’s football apparel senior design director, commented saying: “Our goal was to create a range of products that even without an England crest or Nike Swoosh, would still instantly look like an England collection.”

With the away kit we’ve got the traditional all red strip with white shorts sticking to the look the football world knows as our away kit as.

As well as now with the home kit, we’ve gone back to having the traditional blue shorts instead of all white.  On all three kits, including the alternative, A special custom typeface will also be used for player names with the "quintessentially English fonts" Johnston and Gill Sans both being chosen.

Will this new kit bring some inspiration from past and previous glories for the men and woman who have the profound honor of representing the English nation? Or will we not make it past the semi-finals and be doomed to another early exit back home from Russia?

Let’s be the 12th man and get involved!

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