Business Consultancy

Published in Services on Dec 08, 2017 by Tim Marner™

Running a business is hard enough without running around in circles but that is precisely what you risk doing if you don't clarify your business direction. Companies that start failing often lack clarity of purpose, so it pays to get your business' purpose sorted out now. Our approach to strategy comes from the bottom up as well as the top down. We use our business experience and insight to help organizations grow and achieve their business objectives. Lets put it this way, what is the point in investing in you're brand, having an incredible website if nobody knows about you?

Business Consultancy

We believe in creating value for our clients and their communities right from the beginning, just think of us as that best mate that you bounce ideas off, that hand hold when things are shaky at the beginning, you're armbands. But we don't just stop there...our office doors are always open, and we make a mean brew too.

Problem Solving

Creativity is key when solving problems. Yes, we're trying to "change the game" and love to switch things up a little, but the problem we have is everyone is doing the same thing! What works for John Smith isn't necessarily going to work for you so let's puzzle it out together, but beware, we play to win.

Connecting with Customer

We use this analogy often, you have two ways of connecting. Take Blackberry, for example, their approach to their latest phone release goes something like this: '14 mega pixel camera, 5gb of data, multi-speed so and so' then look at Apple. 'You can take a picture that will last a lifetime, stream a live video to you're Gran in Canada...oh by the way our camera is 14mega pixel'. Now, which captures you more? Emotion or the hard sell?

Brand Alignment

Is Sarah on reception singing from the same hymn sheet as Trevor from accounts? Would Maureen understand the last marketing campaign message that Gary the designer just spent over a month working on? What does you're brand say about you? We see it so many times, brands set off on their way only to fall back into bad habits. Maybe you don't require a full rebrand, just a gentle nudge in the right direction or in some cases a kick and a scream, but you will thank us later.

Business Strategy

So you want a get out plan after making your first million. No problem. We factor this in right from the beginning, after all, whats the point in calling you're brand 'Peters Pickled Gherkins' if after a year you're going to start selling gourmet popcorn? With this in mind, what sets us apart from all those 'award-winning experts' is we get to know the real person behind the business, what they want and what they need, not what we think will make us the most money. We are in it for the long haul.

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