Graphic Design

Published in Services on Dec 10, 2017 by Tim Marner™

The classics do still work if they're done in a cool, clever way. Because people remember them. It's like dating. Sure, you can do it online. You can talk to someone, tease them, flirt with them and show them some beautiful pictures of yourself, but there's a connection still missing. There's something not quite tangible, something, not quite real. If you want to take dating to the next level, you have to meet in person, to show them you're real, and you're worth their time. The same is true for branding.

Logo Design

We cannot stress this enough. A logo is NOT a brand, however, it is one of the most important factors that rounds off you’re brand. Organic and clean, crisp and graphical, this is the last piece of the puzzle, that seal of approval, your stamp, your mark on the world. It's what you want you're brand to say without you're client ever meeting you.

Stationary and Flyer Design

Even though we live in a digital age, we do still occasionally send a love letter to that someone special, that personal touch, and when we do, they should look as fabulous as any other printed item. With our creative flair, we will make sure your stationary is anything but stationary. If you get it right, your stationary can be the perfect introduction to your brand.

Brochure and Magazines

Brochures can offer a visceral avenue when it comes to marketing your brand. Think of it as a creative platform to educate, entice and interest your audience on whatever products and services you offer. We create things people love to look at, touch and feel that impress them enough to remember your name. It's then only a matter of time before they get in touch. 

Poster and Menu Design

We love the personal touch. Our business is all about communication and if we can get people talking then our work here is done. Sometimes, direct marketing is the best way of communicating messages, and by fully understanding your brand, we can make sure you're selling your business properly. Keep your customers happy, give them what they want to see.

Packaging Design

Packaging is just as important as the words printed in a magazine or the picture you see on your TV screen. The thing is, you will meet the packaging before you meet the product inside, so this has got to be a well thought out part of you're process. Its all in the presentation, you wouldn't wrap your expensive Christmas gifts in a newspaper, would you?

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