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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as the kids call it. It’s a dark art which a lot of people have got all wrong. SEO takes time, patience and a lot of love, so don’t be fooled by crafty SEO companies which say they can generate you 10000 backlinks, and shoot you to the top of Google in 2 weeks. If you go down this route you’re only going to do yourself and your site a disservice, and if google picks up on it you’ll drop like a lead balloon!

Quality Backlinks

When you start looking at SEO companies you’ll hear people talk about backlinks. “We can build you 33 million backlinks for a fiver” they’ll say, do not do this. Your site will sink fast than a lead balloon. SEO is all about generating quality backlinks. We don’t use any software to build our links, we use good old-fashioned hard work and generate backlinks through business connections and generating relevant, shareable and useful information for your customers.

Site Optimisation

Sometimes SEO can be a bit overwhelming and seem like a massive job, because, well it is a massive job. We take a very methodical approach to optimisation, thinking from your customers point of view and really getting inside the head of your target market. That means finding out what your customers are searching and streamlining your site to match, so when someone searches on google you pop up.

Monthly Reports

Think of SEO like your child, it’s constantly changing and growing but it needs a bit of help sometimes and a watchful eye to keep it on the right path. We use software to track your positioning over the month, and use the date generated to suggest new keywords, organic traffic insights, content ideas and strategies for the latest PR opportunities.

Proper PR

It’s alright having a great product but you need the whole package to get noticed and when it comes down to SEO as much as we hate to say it, it isn’t what you know, It’s who you know. It’s all about getting those links and articles which are that one step better than your competitors and that means you got to have good contacts and content to get you there.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is fast becoming the biggest form of advertising on the planet. Millions of people now start there day by logging on to various social media platforms to check whats going on in the world. One Like, Share or follow can see you interacting with somebody on the other side of the planet, taking your business international and into a brand new marketplace.

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