#019 Ryan Armitage | The Man, The Myth, The Maverick | Tim Marner™ Podcast Show

Published in Podcasts on Sep 19, 2019 by Tim Marner™

From Corporate Suits to Shorts and Gucci Trainers

For episode #019 of the Tim Marner™ Podcast Show, we talk to Ryan Armitage, one of the nicest, loudest most honest bear-like over thinking creatures to walk the planet. From living in a one-bedroom flat with no job to becoming the director of the UK's leading Healthcare Recruitment Agencies. 

He went from wearing suits to shorts and Gucci trainers and the rest is pretty much history. Ryan is living proof, that through sheer passion, determination and pure f*****g graft, you can achieve anything! 

You should never judge a book by its cover... because this is one bloody good read!

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