#032 Ben Andrews | Founder and MD of Beyond Empower | Tim Marner™ Podcast Show

Published in Podcasts on May 15, 2020 by Tim Marner™

On episode #032 of the Tim Marner™ Podcast Show, we had the pleasure of talking to founder and MD of Beyond Empower, Ben Andrews. 

Having a hereditary, degenerative visual impairment, Ben used this as a driver to support change for disabled people. At 17, Ben began volunteering locally, delivering healthy lifestyle session to a range of disabled people and assessing what was available for disabled people to keep active. 

Ben went on to Salford University to study Exercise and Health Sciences with a focus on disabled people. Particularly relating to physical activity interventions, preventative initiatives and long-term conditions. 

Since, Ben has gone on to deliver nationally recognised, award-winning and Lady endorsed work to support active, healthy lives by disabled people. 

Beyond Empower has been developed to spread this work far and wide to ensure that all disabled people have the opportunity to lead a healthy, active life. 

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