#034 Nick Phillips | Co-Founder of LUV Fitness Studios | Tim Marner™ Podcast Show

Published in Podcasts on Nov 03, 2020 by Tim Marner™

On episode #034 of the Tim Marner™ Podcast Show, we had the pleasure of talking to Nick Phillips, owner of LUV Fitness Studios and personal trainer of 15 years.

Nick jumps back into his teenage years, discussing his arduous journey and all the obstacles he overcame to become the personal trainer he is today.

Although it took a while for Nick to find his purpose, he eventually did and is now committed to sharing it with others in his own way. 

Nick also talks about all the bumps and turns in the road that him and his wife, Louise, have experienced with owning a gym, especially during the pandemic and how they have tackled their many issues in this time. 


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