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RRugby Academy

Rugby Academy
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RRugby Academy strives to inspire the next generation of rugby players and give back to the local community by delivering their own Rugby programmes and Premiership Rugby programmes...

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Fanattik | Tim Marner | Branding Agency Bolton | Fanattik Logo


Limited Edition Collectibles
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The Fanattik logo utilises the bold and brash sans serif font Din to grab your attention the minute you lay eyes on it. The letters are arranged erratically at different sizes to give the feeling of impulsive craziness. The Fanattik brain avatar represents those uncontrollable urges every Fanattik gets...

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Fresh Meal Prep Delivery
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The Kidchen brand is all about caring and nurturing, introducing kids to a wide range of healthy, nutritious foods from different cultures and countries from around the world. Using only the finest organically grown produce they craft a selection of foods packed with flavour that have kids looking forward to every meal time...

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Addiction Awareness
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WHYSUP was founded by Mark and Liam, two childhood friends who have known each other for over 20 years. Since secondary school, Mark and Liam were always close (some would say too close), but like many of us drifted apart in pursuit of their own journeys. Years down the line after struggling with their underlying personal addictions, they found themselves back together, supporting each other through their recoveries...

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Premium Sneaker Collection
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Rather than making hundreds of styles of shoes in thousands of different colours to try to capture the entire marketplace, Sneik-iD hang their hat on a carefully selected range of shoes made specifically with one audience in mind. In a marketplace full of sheep, Sneik-iD is hungry like the wolf...

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Healthcare Recruitment Agency
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One thing that separates Tezlom from its competitors is that they truly care about people. They invest time and effort into their people, recognising that every individual requires something different in order to develop and succeed...

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Nootropics Company
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The ONNOR brand starts with a solid ideal at its core. A meaningful reason, a defined mantra that sets precedent for everything they associate with their brand. It instructs employees on how they treat their customers, it defines the path they are on and the destination they are heading towards, but most importantly, it communicates the ONNOR message to the world...

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