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The Emory logo draws on inspiration from ancient mythology, in particular the concept behind the ouroboros symbol. The ouroboros represents the infinite cycle of nature’s endless creation and destruction, life and death, simply put it is a symbol of life...

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Branding Agency Manchester | Tim Marner | Diet Another Day Book Cover
Branding Agency Manchester | Tim Marner | ECLYPSE Web
Creative Agency Manchester | TRIBAR | Weights Photography
A-List Events Wristband | Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester
Creative Agency Manchester | Hale Country Club | Cheshire
Creative Agency Manchester | Goodwin Smith | Shoes
Creative Agency Manchester | Bearfaced Groceries | Kid Photography
Creative Agency Manchester | Fitasylum | Billboard Design
Creative Agency Manchester | Contract Cars | Car Leasing Website
Creative Agency Manchester | Hollie Philippa | Fitness Photoshoot
Branding Agency Manchester | Tim-Marner | VVIP Flyers


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Tim Marner TV


If it’s cool, you’ll find it on here. We just can’t help ourselves sometimes, we just have to take a picture. If it’s mint, we’ll make sure you know about it, by sharing it with everyone. Watch this space.

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Our latest logo design draws on inspiration from ancient mythology, in particular the concept behind the ouroboros…
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