Branding Agency Manchester | Tim Marner | ECLYPSE Logo


Dance Company
Branding | Design 

Embracing an artistic vision that both respects and challenges contemporary dance, ECLYPSE has created a substantial body of critically acclaimed work that ranges from classical and modern solos to artist-to-artist collaborations and company productions...

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Creative Agency Manchester | TRIBAR | Weights Logo


Gym Equipment
Branding | Design | Video Production 

TRIBAR takes an old-school approach to training and fitness, get your head down, work hard and earn the results. They are extremely passionate when it comes to health and fitness, so much so you can feel the energy and excitement everytime they begin to talk about their business...

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A-List Events Logo Design | Tim Marner Creative Agency Manchester


Private Events Club
Branding | Design 

A-List events are a global private members club based in some of the biggest party destinations around the world. Targeting elite socialites and party goers, A-List have built their entire business around exclusivity...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Hale Country Club | Logo

Hale Country Club

Health & Fitness Club
Branding | Photography | Video Production | Web Design 

We were asked to take over the Hale brand and realign it to make it bigger, better and tastier than ever before, our response..."HALE yeah, let's do this”. Our task was made a little easier as the country club looked phenomenal. But what’s the point in looking great if your weights have more personality than you do...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Goodwin Smith | Logo

Goodwin Smith

Mens Shoes
Branding | Photography | Video Production 

A brand that has managed to capture the hearts of over 34,000 people on Instagram, won the approval of over 37,000 followers on Twitter and one in which we have had the pleasure of launching 4 successful campaigns with. The only thing better than watching this British men’s footwear brand grow into the global brand they are today...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Bearfaced Groceries | Logo


Online Grocery Shopping
Branding | Photography | Video Production 

The Bear: Strong willed, intelligent, and one of the most gentle, affectionate and tolerant animals in the natural world. Bearfaced: Open and honest, sometimes to the point of brashness. Nothing artificial, nothing fake. Clear, clean cut, and wearing your heart on you’re sleeve. Most of all, REAL. Together they make Bearfaced...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Fitasylum | Fitness Logo Design


Fitness Qualifications
Branding | Web Design 

When you have a passion for fitness, leisure and management - and you’re absolutely mad about all the positives that can come from them - you want to pass your knowledge and skills onto others, helping to train them to be the very best they can be...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Contract Cars | Car Dealer Logo Design

Contract Cars

Car Leasing Company
Branding | Web Design 

Contract Cars isn't like some of those dodgy sales guys you might come across when looking for a new car on contract. They're the opposite - totally honest, and totally to the point. They don’t need to act all flashy or wow you with you loads of facts you don’t understand. They're just here to help you find the right car for your needs...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Hollie Philippa | Fitness Logo

Hollie Philippa

Celebrity Fitness Trainer
Branding | Design | Photography | Video Production | Website 

At first glance, you might be forgiven for thinking that the pink of the Hollie Philippa logo represents a girly girl and some gentle exercises. But look closer at the scaffolding used to construct the name; it’s built like a unit, and the pink merely indicates the mixture of blood, sweat and tears...

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Branding Agency Manchester | Tim-Marner | VVIP Logo

VVIP Events

Event Company
Branding | Design 

With an unrivalled international network that includes limited access locations, exceptional talents and exclusive suppliers, VVIP Events is highly sought after to produce luxury clubbing destination events...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Bolton Hospice | Charity Logo

Bolton Hospice

Healthcare Charity
Branding | Photography | Video Production | Web Design 

It all started a few years ago when Bolton Hospice posted us a brief. A brief asking us to help update and refresh their current website. No problem. First things first though, we wanted to go and meet the people that have made such a wonderful place possible. Conveniently they were just across the road from our creative office...

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Branding Agency Manchester | Tim Marner | Blaboon Logo


Podcast Show
Branding | Design 

Blaboon came to us for something a little different when it came to branding their Podcast show up that had started to gain traction on various platforms. Their show covered everything and anything that was current, relevant and in the public eye, give these guys a topic and they could blabber on about it for hours...

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IT Solutions
Branding | Design | Illustration | Web Design 

Hatched in 2013, Techolony is an IT services provider that comes without the politics and attitude of corporate. Techolony is the hub that places a crack team of undercover nano-ants into your company. Singularly a nano-ant is unsuspecting, perhaps even a little endearing. However, as a collective they are a force to be reckoned with...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Concept Pools | Company Logo

Concept Pools

Pool Company
Branding | Design | Web Design 

Concept pools came to us originally for a new website in an attempt to grow their business and become the big fish of their pond. What was letting them down was the fact that they didn’t actually have a brand at all and they were just treading water. Like many people they knew where they wanted to be but getting there is a different story all together...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Vits | Vitamin Logo


Vitamin Company
Branding | Design 

In a hugely saturated market, a unique name is very hard to come by. Most clever ideas and creative twists have been done, but one seems to have been overlooked. Vits has taken the highest quality ingredients and using the top scientific backing have created a range of products fresh to the market that are second to none. What’s so different about Vits? Well, vits all in the science...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Purest Organics | Logo Design

Purest Organics

Health & Beauty
Branding | Design | Packaging Design 

Purest Organics came to us with a range of over 20 skincare and haircare products.They wanted people to come away from the high street and look at natural organic solutions....

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Creative Agency Manchester | Aurora Tattoos | Luxury Logo Design

Aurora Tattoos

Tattoo Studio
Branding | Design 

Move past the superficial and spiritual feel of the name and you start to gain a bigger understanding of Aurora. Their trade to them is an exact science. Just as the North and South poles are linked to the earth, they connect with their clients on a different level...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Delisa Miller

Delisa Miller

Estate Agents
Branding | Design | Photography | Web Design 

Delisa Miller is an estate agency for all. At the forefront of skill and expertise, Delisa Miller stands out as the best of the best. They know they lead the way, and don’t need to shout about it.

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Creative Agency Manchester | Tim Marner | The Chironary Logo

The Chironary

Gong Sound Bath
Branding | Design | Web Design 

Set in a historic former library, The Chironary is the centre of excellence for healing sounds and sound meditation. With the biggest gong collection in the UK, along with many, many more sound instruments, The Chironary is one of the best places to visit for amazing and unique sound experience…

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Creative Agency Manchester | Tim Marner | Bolton Dragons Logo

Bolton Dragons

Martial Arts Academy
Branding | Design 

Bolton Dragon’s doors are open to all with the right attitude when it comes to teaching their martial arts. Starting from an early age they teach children not only fighting styles, but also valuable mentalities and mind sets that they can use to better themselves in every day life…

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Creative Agency Manchester | gymBUG | Logo


Gym Chain
Branding | Design | Photography | Video | Website 

The team at gymBUG has a vast wealth of experience in the fitness industry and between them they have managed over 100 health clubs over the past 20 years in the UK. Don’t be fooled by the price. They do great gyms kitted out with the very latest equipment by Technogym the world’s leading kit supplier...

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Creative Agency Manchester | KLNIK Wilmslow | Aesthetics Logo


Aesthetics Clinic
Branding | Design | Photography | Video Production | Web Design 

When only the best of the best will do, sometimes you have to forge the way yourself. There seems to be a rush to do everything quickly and follow the crowd, settling for second best because it’s convenient and not embracing the finer things in life...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Extreme Bean | Logo Design

Extreme Bean

Coffee Company
Branding | Design | Website 

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Sean. He didn't know it yet but he had something very magical in his pocket! Magic coffee beans so good they would knock the socks off even the most experienced coffee drinker. The problem was typically, when you think coffee, you think boring generic ground coffee...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Hargreaves Contracting | Architectural Logo Design

Hargreaves Contracting

Building Contractors
Branding | Photography | Web Design 

Hargreaves is the brand with heritage, knowledge, and experience. It oozes professionalism and class, setting itself aside from regular contractors. If your average contractor was a loud and brash Mitsubishi, Hargreaves would be a Rolls Royce. Powerful, established, contemporary and self-assured whilst still remaining refined and classy...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Duke | Band Logo Design


Celebrity Branding
Branding | Photography | Web Design 

Their music crosses all genres as they share their wealth of knowledge, passion, and skill, appealing to anyone who likes a good time; an extravagant party; and some outlandish beatboxing...

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Creative Agency Manchester | The Blind Wood Turner | Cool Logo Design

The Blind Woodturner

Master Carpenter
Branding | Design 

The Blind Woodturner has featured on TV shows, radio stations and travels around the country speaking about his experiences in an effort to inspire, motivate and activate people no matter what their circumstances, to achieve their full potential. His message is simple, whenever you feel like you want to give up, just keep on turning...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Now Skills | Education Logo Design

Now Skills

Apprenticeship Company
Branding | Design | Photography | Video Production | Web Design 

Now Skills is the kind of person responsible for making ‘being geeky’ hip and cool. It’s the person who knows exactly what they’re talking about, the one who can pretty much tell you everything you need to know in a fun, interesting way - without coming across as stiff, boring, or a know-it-all. They just know what to say and what to do. Helping you out - no matter what. Because yes, they are geeky...

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Brand Design Agency Manchester | Room 14 Menswear | Logo

Room 14 Menswear

Mens Clothing Store
Branding | Photography | Video | Website 

It's pretty cool that our clients work with similar values to ourselves, it's half the battle branding someone up when you share an ethos. With fashion switching up a gear, and shopping becoming more of an ‘on the move’ affair, it's easy to see where good honest customer service is lost...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Gym Etc. | Gym Logo Design


Health & Fitness Club
Branding | Design | Marketing | Photography | Video Production | Web Design 

FX Leisure came to us wanting some serious Tim Marner time. Before us, we had a gym that was getting lost amongst the sea of budget gyms, lost amongst the throwaway memberships, the conveyor belt of gyms that take your money on the first of every month and that's that. What made this gym different to all the rest? all the hidden extras, that's what...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Mike Emmett | Illustrative Logo Design

Mike Emmett

Marketing Agency
Branding | Photography | Web Design 

Mike was tired of working for somebody else who didn’t take his creative ideas seriously, he decided to jump ship and go it alone with his very own creative agency away from the corporate world and wax mustaches. He chose us to brand him up as we have a very similar way of thinking. We are all about standing out rather than fitting in and doing the projects that people say you can’t...

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Creative Agency Manchester | SQHAIR | Square Business Cards


Hair Salon
Branding | Photography 

Sarah and Pete came to us with just 10 weeks before the opening of their very first salon venture together. No name, no real first step, and even a squabble or two over the choice of tiles to have in their wet area. Enter the Tim Marner team. Before we were two people with the same vision, a wealth of knowledge and expertise but frustrated at the lack of help with the next step...

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Creative Agency Manchester | 16 Jackals | Band Logo

16 Jackals

Musician Branding
Branding | Video Production 

16 Jackals came to the Tim Marner offices in search of help with their logo and identity before releasing their upcoming album. Their logo at the time just wasn't connecting with their current followers, and it certainly wasn't attracting any new fans to join the club. They wanted something a little more modern, that would catch people's eye and grab their attention, even if it was only for one song because that's all these guys need before you're hooked...

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Creative Agency Manchester | Harry Suleman | Solicitor Logo Design

Harry Suleman

Solicitor Branding
Branding | Photography | Web Design 

Harry Suleman flew through our creative office like something out of a Disney film. Like Mary Poppins, he left his umbrella at the door and immediately proceeded to put things right. With the aid of his rather extraordinary magical powers and his super-sized briefcase, we fell in love with Harry and his pink polka dot dickey bow tie after about 2.5 minutes...

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